@2018 Omar Assef


About me

How long have I been taking pictures? 

Since I was a kid but started taking paid gigs in 2011. In 2013, it became my full time job.

What kind of photography do I provide? 

Pretty much any type of special events (especially weddings!) and individual/couple/family portraits.

I also cater to corporate clients offering a variety of services to meet their needs; you can see a small sample of my corporate/commercial photography in the corporate section of this site.

I have been blessed to be exposed to various cultures, industries, and some unique projects to give me solid experience in many areas of photography, feel free to get in contact and let me know how I can help.

What style of photography do I offer? 

I can adapt to many styles and tastes, yet my favorite style is Photojournalism where candid shots and spontaneous moments become the stories that I tell with each picture. Each event is unique and my goal is to create beautiful memories by providing high end customer service and high quality results.

I often ask potential new clients to browse Instagram and Pinterest to find pictures they dream of having for their session or event; based on what they show me, I can either show similar work that I have done or assess if I have the gear and skills to produce such images. My ultimate goal is to deliver yo