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The first article!

For this first article, I want to welcome you to this new website!

I recently decided to operate my photography business under "Omar Assef Photography", instead of "Avant-Garde Photo" for all of my personal events and portrait sessions.

After meeting so many people, I noticed that very few of them remembered the name Avant-Garde Photo, or even the spelling, or its abbreviation "AGP", but everyone remembered my it is time to make it simpler for my clients.

Avant-Garde Photo will continue to exist but will mainly focus on corporate and commercial photography:

In France, where the studio was established in 2013, it continues to operate as a team that I had the privilege to recruit, train and that I now oversee and coach from a few thousand miles away.

The talented artists part of our team continue to grow our presence and continue to build on the impeccable reputation we created and maintained in Strasbourg since 2013:

I am extremely proud to see AGP operate in 3 major cities today: Strasbourg - Paris - San Francisco, offering a large variety of photography services with one simple goal in mind: to create the best possible images with top notch service.

The same work and dedication that I invested in AGP is now in place to grow and build Omar Assef Photography in 2018.

I want to thank everyone who has supported, encouraged and recommended my work. Special thanks to my family for all that they've done for me and of course, to my beautiful wife who has been by my side, never doubting me, over the last 5 years that I dedicated lots of efforts and hard work to pursue my passion in photography, and for our 2 daughters who remain my inspiration and motivation to be the best father that I can be.

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